The Problem

The hundreds of Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, Billing, and EMPI products available today fill the healthcare industry with different technology architectures, service models, and capabilities.

This disparate HIT environment makes it difficult and expensive to share information between systems critical to providing quality patient care.

Our Solution

Connect empowers healthcare providers to manage thousands of bi-directional interfaces between disparate HIT products and locations through a single platform.

By leveraging the power of a gateway model and open API, Connect opens the door to true interoperability. Reduce costs, improve patient care, and ensure compliance with an evolving regulatory landscape all with a single, affordable solution.

ConnectIn Action

Using Connect will transform the way you manage data between different systems and interfaces.

For instance, say your health organization uses different systems in its ambulatory and acute care settings. Using Connect solves the challenge of internal system communication, ensuring that both settings will have accurate and up-to-date information on each patient.

Your Ambulatory and Acute Care systems are able to communicate with each other, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information for each patient.

Patient charts remain identical at every location, preventing duplicate records and ensuring the right care for the right patient.

Integrating biometric authentication technology further enhances data integrity and secure identification of the patient.

Connect also makes it easy for you to implement biometric authentication across disparate medical records within a health system. This is how you’ll get faster check-in, better care, and happier patients.

The time is now.

Connect will empower your organization with newfound efficiency and impeccable data integrity. Contact us to learn more about integrating your systems today.